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Dr Sacha Howell

Sacha Howell carries out trials of new breast cancer drugs. He is particularly interested in approaches to overcome resistance to hormone therapy.

Senior Clinical Lecturer

The University of Manchester
Wilmslow Road
M20 4BX


Dr Howell graduated from The University of Nottingham Medical School in 1993. After completion of basic medical training and year working overseas in Grenada he entered entered specialist training in Medical Oncology in 1999 at The Christie Hospital. He was awarded CCT in 2006, and in the same year was awarded his PhD from The University of Manchesterduring which he defined a previously unidentified role for prolactin signalling in breast cancer stem/progenitor cell regulation. Following a period as a senior clinical research fellow he was appointed as a Senior Lecturer at The University of Manchester in 2010. His professional time is divided between the clinical care of cancer patients at The Christie and both basic and clinical research at the CRUK Manchester Institute and The Christie respectively.

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Dr Howell’s major research interest is in translational breast oncology, with a focus on endocrine therapy resistance. He holds grants to test novel antagonists of both oestrogen and progesterone receptor signalling in preclinical models in collaboration with Dr Robert Clarke in the Breast Biology Groupin addition to translating these studies into multicentre investigator led clinical trials. These include a 25 centre multinational randomised phase II study testing the AKT inhibitor AZD5363 in combination with the oestrogen receptor down regulator fulvestrant which is actively recruiting.

Most recently Dr Howell was awarded a Breast Cancer Campaign project grant to run a pilot study repurposing the antiprogestin ulipristal acetate from the treatment of uterine fibroids to the prevention of breast cancer. This study will harness expertise across the Manchester Breast Centre, defining the roles of progesterone signalling in epithelial, stromal and stem cell compartments with imaging correlates of response to identify women at increased risk of breast cancer who may benefit from this preventative therapy.

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