Selected Publications from 2016


Rac1 controls both the secretory function of the mammary gland and its remodeling for successive gestations
Akhtar N, Li W, Mironov A, Streuli CH
Developmental Cell  2016  38  522-535
Circadian clocks and breast cancer
Blakeman V, Williams J, Meng QJ, Streuli CH
Breast Cancer Research  2016  18  89
No strong evidence for increased risk of breast cancer 8-26 years after multiple mammograms in their 30s in females at moderate and high familial risk
Evans DG, Kotre CJ, Harkness E, Wilson M, Maxwell AJ, Howell A
British Journal of Radiology  2016  89 
MRI Screening in Women With a Personal History of Breast cancer
Evans DG, Maxwell AJ
Journal of the National Cancer Institute   2016  180 
Patient derived mammosphere and xenograft tumour initiation correlates with progression to metastasis
Eyre R, Alferez D, Spence K, Kamal M, Shaw FL, Simoes BM, Santiago-Gomez A, Bramley M, Absar M, Saad Z, Chatterjee S, Kirwan C, Gandhi A, Armstrong AC, Wardley AM, O’Brien CS, Farnie G, Howell SJ and Clarke RB
Journal of Mammary Gland Biology and Neoplasia  2016   
Intermittent energy restriction induces changes in breast gene expression and systemic metabolism
Harvie MN, Sims AH, Pegington M, Spence K, Mitchell A, Vaughan AA, Allwood JW, Xu Y, Rattray NJW, Goodacre R, Evans DGR, Mitchell E, McMullen D, Clarke RB, Howell A
Breast Cancer Research  2016  18(1)  57
SPRY1 regulates mammary epithelial morphogenesis by modulating EGFR-dependent stromal paracrine signaling and ECM remodeling
Koledova Z, Zhang X, Streuli CH, Clarke RB, Klein OD, Werb Z, Pengfei Lu
Proceeding of the National Academy of Sciences, USA  2016  113  E5731-E5740
Raised mammographic density is associated with increased peri-ductal collagen micro-organization and micro-stiffness
McConnell JC, O’Connell OV, Brennan K, Weiping L, Howe M, Joseph L, Knight D, O’Cualain R, Lim Y, Leek A, Waddington R, Rogan J, Astley SM, Gandhi A, Kirwan CC, Sherratt MJ, Streuli CH
Breast Cancer Research  2016  18(1)  5
The Integrin-Mediated ILK-Parvin-aPix Signaling Axis Controls Differentiation in Mammary Epithelial Cells
Rooney N, Wang P, Brennan K, Gilmore AP, Streuli CH
Journal of Cell Physiology  2016  231(11)  2408-17
Oncogenic activation of FAK drives apoptosis suppression in a 3D-culture model of breast cancer initiation
Walker S, Foster F, Wood A, Owens T, Brennan K, Streuli CH, Gilmore AP
Oncotarget  2010   


Date:  24 May 202415:00
Speaker:  Dr Gerald Lip
From:  NHS Grampian & University of Aberdeen
Title:  AI in breast cancer screening - are we there yet?
Host:  Sue Astley
Date:  18 July 202400:00
Speaker:  Andrea Morandi
From:  University of Florence, Italy
Title:  TBC
Host:  Rob Clarke
Date:  18 July 202400:00
Speaker:  Ernestina De Francesco
From:  Universities of Catania and Enna, Italy
Title:  TBC
Host:  Rob Clarke