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What is breast cancer - myth busting with Rob Clarke, BreasTalk podcast with Hajar Mouredi

9 April 2024

 Rob Clarke, Professor of Biology and Director of the Manchester Breast Centre, explains what breast cancer is, discusses his research  on stem cells and busts some of the most common myths surrounding breast cancer in an interview with Hajar Mouredi for the podcast  "BreasTalk". 

 Listen to BreasTalk episode 1: What is breast cancer - myth busting with Rob Clarke on Spotify.


Can we prevent breast cancer? Lester Barr TEDxWarrington Talk

9 February 2024

Lester Barr MBE, Co-Founder and Honorary President of Prevent Breast Cancer, explains how breast cancer prevention might be achieved during a TEDxWarrington talk. 

Based on scientific research by the Prevent Breast Cancer Research Unit at the University of Manchester and teams around the world, Lester reveals the key findings of their studies. This is an enlightening assessment of the multiple factors that contribute to breast cancer risk and an urgent appeal to think differently about the future of prevention research as an absolute priority. 

Watch: Lester Barr TEDxWarrington Talk You Tube video.


How can we predict and prevent breast cancer now?

MBC Public Outreach Event

Friday 23rd October 2020

To celebrate Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Manchester Breast Centre (MBC) hosted an online event to share the latest scientific developments with members of the public. This seminar is the first in a new series of MBC public engagement events, and focused on the risk factors and prevention of breast cancer.



Introduction and welcome, Prof Rob Clarke

How do I examine my breasts? What happens at a breast clinic? Prof Cliona Kirwan

How do we predict the risk of breast cancer and why is it important? Prof Gareth Evans

What type of clinical approaches can be used to prevent breast cancer? Dr Sacha Howell

What are the benefits of breast feeding? Prof Charles Streuli

Q&A panel discussion, Dr Ahmet Ucar




Date:  22 January 202500:00
Speaker:  Mark Clemons & John Hilton
From:  Canada
Title:  TBC
Host:  Sacha Howell