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About Us

There have been extraordinary advancements in breast cancer research leading to great improvements in patient treatment and care over the past two decades. Manchester is a key player in the efforts to progress research and build on past achievements in the field. The Manchester Breast Centre (MBC) is therefore vital in driving breast cancer research forward.

The mission of the MBC is to create a world-class centre for basic and translational breast cancer research, leading to effective detection and treatment of women at risk, and ultimately elimination of the disease. The MBC currently consists of 19 Principal Investigators and is directed by Dr Robert Clarke, Reader in Breast Biology, Breast Cancer Now Research Unit.

The aim of the MBC is to enhance research in breast biology and breast disease through collaboration and two major units are incorporated: 



Home Page Mammary Gland images courtesy of Patrick Aouad, EPFL, Lausanne and Livvi Harris, AstraZeneca, Cambridge​




Date:  29 October 202009:00
Speaker:  Professor Geoff Lindeman
From:  Walter and Eliza Hall Institute of Medical Research (WEHI), Melbourne
Title:  Targeting pro-survival proteins to enhance tumour response in breast cancer
Host:  Rob Clarke
Date:  17 November 202015:00
Speaker:  Dr Jeffrey Rosen
From:  Baylor College of Medicine, Houston
Title:  Leveraging Preclinical Models of Breast Cancer
Host:  Rob Clarke