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Prevent Breast Cancer

Prevent Breast Cancer leads ground-breaking research into the prediction and prevention of breast cancer. Our research will one day bring about a world where breast cancer is preventable and thousands of men’s and women’s lives are saved from ever experiencing this terrible disease.
Our home is The Nightingale and Genesis Prevention Centre, a £2million state of the art research and screening centre, based at University Hospital South Manchester (UHSM). Much of our work is conducted here and in partnership with several other research facilities in the UK.
Our research is conducted and overseen by four prominent individuals in the breast cancer field:

  • Prof Tony Howell
  • Prof Gareth Evans
  • Dr Michelle Harvie
  • Prof Nigel Bundred

Between them they have carried out various research studies that are contributing to international recommendations for breast cancer prevention as well as continuing to identify key factors in predicting breast cancer.

Our research falls into four distinct and essential areas:

  • Gene Research – Examining how changes and mutations in genes can affect someone’s risk of developing breast cancer
  • Early Detection & Screening – Identifying new & unique screening methods to ensure early & accurate diagnoses
  • Preventative Drugs – Investigating drugs that can be used as a preventative measure to reduce an individual’s risk of developing breast cancer
  • Diet & Lifestyle – Research into lifestyle factors that contribute to risk and how diet and exercise can reduce this.

The Genesis Prevention Centre is a world class facility leading the way in breast cancer early diagnosis, prediction and prevention research. Genesis collaborate nationally and internationally with the very best experts in the field.

For more details please download our research overview:


Date:  31 October 201916:00
Speaker:  Karin de Visser
From:  NKI, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Title:  Impact of the immune system on metastatic breast cancer and therapy response
Host:  Rob Clarke
Date:  07 November 201916:00
Speaker:  Cristina Branco
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Speaker:  Charlotte Coles
From:  University of Cambridge
Title:  Translational research in breast cancer radiotherapy
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