Selected Publications from 2023


RAC1B function is essential for breast cancer stem cell maintenance and chemoresistance of breast tumor cells
Chen F, Gurler S, Novo D, Selli C, Alferez D, Eroglu S, Pavlou K, Zhang J, Sims A, Humphreys N, Adamson A, Campbell A, Sansom O, Tournier C, Clarke R, Brennan K, Streuli C, Ucar A
DOI: 10.1038/s41388-022-02574-6 Oncogene  2023  42   pages679–692
Quantifying the effects of risk-stratified breast cancer screening when delivered in real time as routine practice versus usual screening: the BC-Predict non-randomised controlled study (NCT04359420).
Evans DG, McWilliams L, Astley S, Brentnall AR, Cuzick J, Dobrashian R, Duffy SW, Gorman LS, Harkness EF, Harrison F, Harvie M, Jerrison A, Machin M, Maxwell AJ, Howell SJ, Wright SJ, Payne K, Qureshi N, Ruane H, Southworth J, Fox L, Bowers S, Hutchinson G, Thorpe E, Ulph F, Woof V, Howell A, French DP.
Br J Cancer  2023  Apr 1:1-9. doi: 10.1038/s41416-023-02250-  
Psychological impact of risk-stratified screening as part of the NHS Breast Screening Programme: multi-site non-randomised comparison of BC-Predict versus usual screening (NCT04359420).
French DP, McWilliams L, Bowers S, Woof VG, Harrison F, Ruane H, Hendy A, Evans DG
Br J Cancer  2023  Feb 11. doi: 10.1038/s41416-023-02156-7 
Insulin/IGF axis and the Receptor for Advanced Glycation End Products: role in meta-inflammation and potential in cancer therapy
Vella V, Lappano R, Bonavita E, Maggiolini M, Clarke RB, Belfiore A and De Francesco EM
Endocrine Reviews  2023  Mar 4; doi: 10.1210/endrev/bnad005