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Mr Rajiv Dave

Mr Rajiv Dave is a Consultant Surgeon in the Nightingale & Genesis Breast Cancer Prevention Centre.

Consultant Breast & Endocrine Surgeon (BSc, MD, FRCS)

Nightingale & Genesis Breast Cancer Centre
Manchester University NHS Foundation Trust
Southmoor Road , Manchester , M23 9LT



I am a consultant Surgeon in the Nightingale & Genesis Breast Cancer Prevention Centre, at Wythenshawe hospital, which is recognised as one of the largest Breast symptomatic and screening units in the UK. This is a recognised centre of excellence, providing complex oncoplastic breast surgery and leading on new technology. My specialist surgical training, which spanned over 10 years, includes a TIG Oncoplastic fellowship in Manchester, and an International Fellowship (Breast, Endocrine and Melanoma) in Melbourne, Australia.

I am trained in Thyroid and Parathyroid Surgery and am part of a busy Endocrine service in Wythenshawe hospital and am a member of the Greater Manchester & Cheshire Thyroid Cancer Team. I have a particular interest in thyroidectomy for Grave’s disease and in the surgical management of primary hyperparathyroidism.

The B-MaP-C study: Breast cancer Management Pathways during the COVID-19 pandemic. Study protocol

Alona Courtney, Rachel O'Connell, Tim Rattay, Baek Kim, Ramsey Cutress, Cliona Kirwan, Ashu Gandhi, Patricia Fairbrother, Nisha Sharma, Christopher Cartilidge, Kieran Horgan, Stuart McIntosh, Daniel Leff, R Vidya, Shelley Potter, Chris Holcombe, Ellen Copson, Charlotte Coles, Rajiv V Dave

July 2020 International Journal of Surgery Protocols 24

DOI: 10.1016/j.isjp.2020.07.003


Medium term outcomes following immediate prepectoral implant based breast reconstruction using acellular dermal matrix

Rajiv V Dave, Aleksander Vucicevic, Lyndsey Highton, James R Harvey, Richard Johnson, Cliona C Kirwan, John Murphy

In press,2020, BJS


Residual lymph node tumour burden following removal of a single axillary sentinel lymph with macrometastatic disease in women with screen detected invasive breast cancer

Rajiv V Dave, Shan Cheung, Mark Sibbering, Olive Kearins, Jacquie Jenkins, Ashu Gandhi

In Press, 2020, BJS Open


Clinical utility of routine parathyroid hormone measurement in women commenced on endocrine therapy for hormone sensitive breast cancer

Rajiv V Dave, John Wong, Andrew Giang, Yuen Chiu Kang, Thong Le, Julie A Miller, Gregory Bruce Mann

In Press, Annals of Breast Surgery


Breast Cancer Surgery During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Lyndsey R Highton, Rajiv V Dave, Nicola L P Barnes

BJS, July 2020,


Diagnosis and locoregional treatment of patients with breast cancer during the COVID-19 pandemic

Ricardo Pardoa, Manel Algara, María Angeles Montero-Fernándezc , Xavier Sanzb, Mar Vernet, Nuria Rodríguez, Rogelio Andrés-Lunae, Antoni Pi ~nero, Raquel Ciérvide, Raúl Córdoba, Rajiv V. Dave, Ángel Montero, Irene Osorio, Nuria Argudo, Sergio Salido, Juan Bernar, Susan Pritchard, Natalia Frade Alves, Pau Nicolau, Pilar Orihuela, Marta Jiménez

Revista de Senología y Patología Mamaria, epub May 2020


Therapeutic mammaplasty is a safe and effective alternative to mastectomy with or without immediate breast reconstruction

Shelley Potter, Adam Trickey, Tim Rattay, Rachel O’Connell, Rajiv Dave, Elizabeth Baker, Lisa Whisker, Joanna Skillman, Matthew D. Gardiner, R Douglas Macmillan, Chris Holcombe on behalf of the TeaM and iBRA-2 Steering Groups, the Breast Reconstruction Research Collaborative and the Mammary Fold Academic and Research Collaborative

BJS 2020; 107: 832–844


The NeST (neoadjuvant systemic therapy in breast cancer) study - a prospective multi-centre cohort study to assess the current utilization and short-term outcomes of neoadjuvant systemic therapies in breast cancer

G Irwin, F banon, C Coles, E Copson, R Cutress, R V Dave, M Grayson, C Holcombe, S Irshad, C O’Brien, R O’Connell, C Palmieri, A Shabaan, N Sharma, J Singh, I Whitehead, S Potter, S McIntosh.

International Journal of Surgery Protocols, Volume 182019, Pages 5-11


Massive spontaneous cervico-mediastinal haemorrhage from a parathyroid adenoma

Rajiv V Dave FRCS, John Ciciulla FRCPA, Philip Antippa FRACS, Julie A Miller FRACS

World Journal of Endocrine Surgery (2019): 10.5005/jp-journals-10002-1263


Radioactive Iodine administration following surgery for differentiated thyroid cancer – an analysis of practice and adherence to American Thyroid Association guidelines

Sia Y, Dave RV, Nour D, Miller JA, Skandarajah AR, Tasevski R

ANZ J Surg. 2019 Oct 31. doi: 10.1111/ans.15522.


The iBRA-2 Study: an international prospective multicentre cohort study to evaluate the impact of immediate breast reconstruction on time to delivery of adjuvant therapy

Rachel L O’Connell, Tim Rattay, Rajiv V Dave, Adam Trickey, Joanne Skillman, Nicola LP Barnes, Matthew Gardiner, Adrian Harnett, Shelley Potter PhD, Chris Holcombe MD, on behalf of the Breast Reconstruction Research Collaborative*

British Journal of Cancer. Mar 2019.


Is the current training pathway for oncoplastic breast surgeons fit for purpose? Results of the Mammary Fold national trainees’ survey

B Kim, R V Dave, S Potter, F Langlands, G Weston-Petrides, L Ashken, J Benson, A Tansley, J Doughty

RCS Bulletin. February 2019, DOI: 10.1308/PeerRev rcsbull.2019.17


Neoadjuvant Intravenous Oncolytic Vaccinia Virus Therapy Promotes Tumour Necrosis and Sustained Anti-Cancer Immunity in Cancer Patients

Adel Samson*,1, Emma J. West1, Jonathan Carmichael1, Karen J. Scott1, Samantha Turnbull1, Bethany Kuszlewicz1, Rajiv V Dave2, Adam Peckham-Cooper3, Emma Tidswell1, Jennifer Kingston3, Michelle Johnpulle3, Barbara da Silva1, Victoria A. Jennings1, Kaidre Bendjama8, Nicolas Stojkowitz8, Monika Lusky8, Raj Prasad3, Giles Toogood3, Rebecca Auer4, John Bell4, Chris Twelves1, Kevin J. Harrington5, Richard Vile6, Hardev Pandha7, Fiona Errington-Mais1, Christy Ralph1, Darren Newton1, D. Alan Anthoney1,†, Alan A. Melcher5,†, Fiona J. Collinson1,†

Submitted May 2020, JITC


Breast Cancer Management Pathways during the COVID-19 pandemic. Outcomes from the UK ‘Alert Level 4’ phase of the B-MaP-C study

Rajiv V Dave FRCS1, Baek Kim FRCS2, Alona Courtney MSc3, Rachel O’Connell FRCS4, Tim Rattay PhD5, Vicky P Taxiarchi MSc6, Jamie J Kirkham PhD6, Elizabeth M Camacho PhD6, Patricia Fairbrother7, Nisha Sharma FRCR8, Christopher W.J. Cartlidge FRCS9, Kieran Horgan FRCS2, Stuart A McIntosh FRCS10, Daniel R Leff FRCS3, Raghavan Vidya FRCS11, Shelley Potter FRCS12, Chris Holcombe FRCS13, Ellen Copson PhD14, Charlotte E Coles PhD15, Ramsey I Cutress FRCS14, Ashu Gandhi FRCS1, Cliona C Kirwan FRCS1,16

Submitted August 2020, BJC

I have interest and experience in both clinical and translational research. My main area of research expertise lies in ‘Real World’ data through collaborative national/international research. I have a keen interest in the delivery of, and training in, reconstructive breast surgery, and outcomes following this. I have experience in studies that evaluate breast surgery devices, delivering the largest UK study comparing two commonly-used localisation techniques for non-palpable breast cancers. I am also interested in the development of trainee- and clinician- led and delivered collaborative research in East Africa.