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Anthony Maxwell

Anthony Maxwell leads studies on computer-aided detection of breast cancer, tomosynthesis in breast cancer screening, lymph node biopsy techniques and MRI assessment of pre-invasive breast cancer.

Consultant Academic Breast Radiologist

Nightingale and Genesis Prevention Centre
Wythenshawe Hospital
Southmoor Road
M23 9LT

I am a Consultant Academic Breast Radiologist, based at the Nightingale Centre and Genesis Prevention Centre, University Hospital of South Manchester.


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Our research interests include the prevention and early diagnosis of breast cancer, breast imaging technology and minimally invasive techniques for diagnosis and treatment. We are leading studies on computer-aided detection of breast cancer, tomosynthesis in breast cancer screening, lymph node biopsy techniques and MRI assessment of pre-invasive breast cancer. We are also leading the imaging research in two breast cancer prevention studies which use novel techniques to study the response of the breast to endocrine therapy.


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