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Dr Andrew Wardley - Medical Oncology Breast Clinical Trials Group

Andrew Wardley is Medical Director of NIHR Manchester Clinical Research Facility at The Christie, a member of the NCRI Breast Group and is PI and member of steering committees of a large number of phase I-III trials in early and late breast cancer.


  • Medical Director of The NIHR Manchester Clinical Research Facility at The Christie

  • Consultant & Honorary Professor in Breast Medical Oncology

  • Lead for The Christie Manchester Breast Centre Research Team

NIHR Clinical Research Facility
The Christie NHS Foundation Trust
550 Wilmslow Road
M20 4BX

Tel: +44 (0)161 918 8281
Fax: +44 (0)161 918 7876


  • Vicky Lau – Team Leader
  • Paula Potter – Senior Research Nurse
  • Cathryn Jones –Senior Research Nurse
  • Janet Morris - Research Nurse
  • Jane Haslett-Evans - Research Nurse
  • Gemma Findlay - Research Nurse
  • Zoe Brammer - Research Nurse
  • Chloe Rands - Research Nurse
  • Samah Mughal – Research Portfolio Manager

Professor Wardley graduated from The University of Manchester in 1989, completed general medicine training in 1993, and higher specialist training in Medical Oncology, including an MSc and research doctorate in 2000. From 2001 as the Consultant Medical Oncologist for breast cancer he developed The Christie Hospital Breast Cancer Research Team to be the highest recruiters in the UK and in 2005 was one of the founding members of Manchester Breast Centre.

Professor Wardley is Principal/Chief Investigator on many national and international trials and has developed links with numerous research partners in industry and academia.

He is involved in clinical and translational research in breast cancer nationally and internationally.

Professor Wardley is Medical Director of NIHR Manchester Clinical Research Facility at The Christie and systemic anti-cancer therapy in Greater Manchester.

Clinical research focus is on identifying resistance pathways in advanced breast cancer and introducing new treatments. Clinical research trials take place in NIHR Manchester Clinical Research Facility at The Christie, one of the largest Early Phase Trials Units in the world. We undertake first in combination trials of drugs relevant to breast cancer treatment and have close collaboration with Manchester Centre for Genomic Medicine. We are interested in translating clinical research into clinical practice and real world data.

Carboplatin in BRCA1/2-mutated and triple-negative breast cancer BRCAness subgroups: the TNT Trial.

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AVEREL: a randomized phase III Trial evaluating bevacizumab in combination with docetaxel and trastuzumab as first-line therapy for HER2-positive locally recurrent/metastatic breast cancer.



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Our research focus in advanced breast cancer has been on introducing new treatments. Clinical research trials take place in NIHR Manchester Clinical Research Facility at The Christie, which is one of the largest Early Phase Trials Unit in the world. We have close links with the Clinical and Experimental Pharmacology Group at the Cancer Research UK Manchester Institute where investigations into the drug’s effect on the body (its pharmacodynamics) and the body’s effect on the drug (its pharmacokinetics) take place. We also have close research collaborations with the Wolfson Molecular Imaging Centre. Our group has been involved in early development of novel agents working with biotechnology companies, and driving evaluation of promising molecules from MCRC laboratory programmes, such as molecules that inhibit breast cancer stem cell self-renewal. We undertake first in combination trials of drugs relevant to breast cancer treatment and have close collaboration with Manchester Centre for Genomic Medicine. Finally, but not least, we are interested in translating clinical research into clinical practice and real world data.

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