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Annual Symposium 2016

The annual MBC meeting, which focuses on advances in breast cancer research in the Greater Manchester Area, was held at the Manchester Cancer Research Centre on Wilmslow Road and was attended by delegates from local University hospitals as well as the Breast Cancer Now charity, Cancer Research UK, Astra Zeneca and The Christie among others.

The event, held on 21st October 2016, covered laboratory and clinical research work in prevention imaging and surgery, signalling in metastasis, immunotherapies and mammographic density as a risk factor. Keynote speakers Dr Jacqui Shaw and Dr John Maher spoke on their world-leading research. Dr Shaw’s talk was about her work in tracking minimal residual disease using circulating free DNA, and Dr John Maher spoke on the treatment of breast cancer using immunotherapy.

Simon Vincent, Research Director of Breast Cancer Now, opens the MBC Symposium

Presentation of prize vouches to Post-Doc speakers. Rachel Eyre spoke on IL1β and Wnt signalling in bone metastasis and James McConnell focused on the link between breast density, collagen organisation and cancer.

From L to R: Rachel Eyre, Ahmet Ucar, James McConnel and Angélica Santiago.

Cliona Kirwan from Manchester Breast Centre introduces Dr Jacqui Shaw, world expert on cfDNA.

Maggie Wilcox from Independent Cancer Patient’s Voice provides the patient perspective on breast cancer research.

Paul Shore from Manchester Breast Centre talks about the multifaceted roles of transcription factors Runx1/2 in breast cancer



Date:  02 November 202314:00
Speaker:  Val Brunton
From:  The University of Edinburgh
Title:  TBC
Host:  Rob Clarke